Kit List

A Kit List Is One of the Most Requested Things – so Here It Is.

This is most of the gear available to students on the training courses and comes recommended. Each item has an honest description next to it in order to help you out.

The Amazon links here are for your convenience but are not affiliate links. I would urge you to shop around.

Monopod: Manfrotto Tilt Head with Quick Release
This is the Manfrotto tilt head for a monopod. I’ve bought cheaper generic versions of this in the past and found them unsatisfactory. This is a great addition.
Tripod: Joby Gorillapod
Joby Gorilla Pod. This is a small tripod with bendy legs you can wrap around things. It has a huge number of uses – this is the YouTubers’ goto vlogging tripod. You can buy smaller ones too.
Tripod: Manfrotto Be Free Live Travel Tripod
Manfrotto Be Free Live Tripod – this is a travel size tripod but still goes high enough to interview all but the tallest people. It has a fluid head and ball joint to make levelling the shot easy. 
Tripod: Manfrotto 290 Xtra Video kit
The Manfrotto 290 Xtra Video kit has a fluid head. I use these for the training. Solid and goes high enough. The only downside is there is no ball joint for levelling.
Lights: Aperture AL-M9 Small LED Panel
Aperture AL-M9 small LED light – This is a great little rechargeable light (doesn’t need extra batteries). Enough to light an interview in a pinch – but great for lots of other shooting styles too.
Lights: Yongnuo YN-300 LED Panel
Yongnuo YN-300 mark 3 Panel light. This bi-colour light gives a nice soft light and has plenty of control options. Don’t forget you’ll need Sony NP style batteries (but don’t buy Sony!)
Lights: Yongnuo YN300 Air LED Panel Light
Yongnuo YN300 Air is another good choice for a bi-colour light. It a nice soft light but the trade-off is that you lose some brightness. Don’t forget you’ll need Sony NP style batteries (but don’t buy Sony!)
Lights: DuraPro Ultra Thin LED
Durapro LED Panel Light – If you want to get some lights then this Bi-colour Durapro is a cheap and pretty cheerful option. Don’t forget you’ll need Sony NP style batteries (but don’t buy Sony!)
Lights: Batteries – Sony NP style (generic brand)
Batteries – Sony NP style – most of the lights will need Sony Style NP batteries. (just get generic ones don’t buy Sony as they cost a lot.) These are pretty good.
Lights: Battery Charger
Battery Charger – the batteries need charging – this does me fine. The batteries don’t charge too fast though – best left overnight.
Lights: Light Stand
Light Stand  – Lights can be handheld for short jobs but a stand is better for longer interviews. These are decent and cheap too.
  • “Toby is absolutely at the top of his game and our go-to person for smartphone video training. We trust him to train ambassadors, military personnel, and most importantly our own staff. I cannot recommend him highly enough”…

    Adam Waters – BFBS Creative

  • Really valuable. I am very happy, it covered everything I needed to know. Toby was great.…

    Nicole Carey – Schroders

  • Very valuable. I came in with only a very basic knowledge of filming and no editing experience. I now feel confident in putting a video together. Thank you!…

    Jessica Shaffner – Tesco

  • This is a well delivered course, useful tips and feedback throughout. Good selection of equipment available to allow for experimentation.…

    Alex Chrysandreas – Tesco

  • I feel totally empowered to go and make great films. Absolutely great, fun, learning, inspiration – what’s not to like?…

    Richard Crabb – Tesco

  • Thanks to the team at Smartphone Shooter for two really excellent and stimulating sessions. The training was exactly what we were after. Everyone who took part found it extremely helpful.…

    Alistair Smith – The Stage

  • Extremely valuable. I feel much more confident to go and film. Thank you Toby! You’re a great teacher.…

    Bryan Carter – Euronews NBC

  • Fantastic training session. Loved being hands on filming and editing. Toby was great! Very helpful…

    Lucy Hay – AECOM

  • This was the most valuable two days of hands-on training I’ve done. If we even produce one film in-house that would have been done externally, we will have saved money.…

    Dan Barley – Schroders

  • Very valuable, learned a lot about filming, lighting and editing…Toby was very helpful and patient. He made the two day experience very enjoyable.…

    Sofia Mumtaz – Cazenove Capital

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