Training Courses

Courses designed around you.

All our courses are built with your needs in mind. We ask you what you want to achieve with video and help you get there.

They typically last between two and four days and can train up to 15 people at a time.


What can we cover?

Storytelling: What makes a good story and how to tell it in an engaging way with video.

Planning: Planning your shoot (storyboarding if required) This includes thinking about locations and interviewees.

Filming techniques: Learn how the camera works and how to shoot in a way that will guarantee you get results with both video and sound.

Practical: All techniques are taught with a smartphone in the student’s hand. Where possible students will go out and shoot a short story of their own to be edited on day 2.

Editing: We teach editing on the imovie app. This allows you to edit and send your film from the field.


Advanced courses

Of course some people already will already have some solid video making skills.

For these people we run advanced courses. This includes an overview of the basic course but adds in specialist shooting apps, advanced shooting techniques, lighting techniques, advanced editing and advanced audio recording.

This course will really take your films to the next level.


Course requirements

All students will need to provide their own iPhone. (we find most people are using iphones, but please ask if you want to create an android specific course) This should be the iPhone 5S or later.

The advanced course will also require some apps to be installed.

The courses can be held almost anywhere. If it is in your offices then we would need the exclusive use of a room with wifi, power and ideally a monitor to take an HDMI feed.

Of course other locations can be found but are likely to incur an additional cost.



Please email to discuss prices and your specific course requirements, as no two courses are ever the same.


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