About Smartphone Shooter

Smartphone Shooter runs training courses to teach people how to shoot professional looking video on their smartphones.

It was set up by me, Toby Sadler. I am a broadcast journalist with nearly 20 years experience. Most recently I’ve been an on air reporter with the likes of Sky News, ITV News and Channel 5 News.

The reason that is relevant is that TV reporters are basically video storytellers. We are experts in taking often complex ideas and telling them to people in the shortest most engaging way.

This journalistic approach to storytelling is central to my smartphone training.

Why smartphone video?

I can honestly say in the right conditions I could deliver a TV report on my iPhone and no one would know.

For day-to-day video creation you needn’t look further than your smartphone either.

You have a top quality video camera and editing suite in your pocket and if used correctly no one will know that’s what you used.

From my first days as a TV reporter I have always filmed my own stories. I can share those trade secrets with you to use on your smartphone.

Our approach

Story, story, story. Get that right before worrying about which buttons to press. A beautifully shot but boring tale will always be trumped by a shaky video of a dog on a skateboard!

We also try and make it fun. If you don’t enjoy filming you’ll never practice and so won’t improve.

Feel free to email me at smartphoneshooter@gmail.com if you have any questions. Please also check out our training course page or click here  to watch some videos we’ve made for some inspiration.

Happy shooting.

Toby Sadler


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