Smartphone Shooter

Do you want to shoot smartphone video like a pro?


We can teach you to shoot everything you see in this video.

Smartphone shooter runs courses that can turn anyone into a film maker. We regularly teach people in PR, communications, marketing and journalism, but also small business owners, students and many more.


What do we teach?

Our courses cover everything you need to shoot and edit your first film all on the phone. For advanced users our courses take you to the next level of film making and storytelling.


Video will account for 80% of internet traffic by 2019.

That’s the prediction from tech giant Cisco. (it was 64% back in 2014).

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg predicts 90% of posts on the social network will be video by 2018.

Video has become an essential skill.

The good news is that with a smartphone we can all make professional looking films.

At Smartphone Shooter we can give you the skills to do just that and make the biggest impact.


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